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Welcome to Cream Coaching - Hair and Beauty Business Coaching Melbourne

Brigitte Benge
holds a Marketing Degree, worked as an Account Director (marketing strategist) for 14 years in a number of Australia's leading advertising agencies heading such retail accounts as Heinz Baby Foods, Penfolds Wines, Lion Insurance Brokers and Myer, just to name a few. Since leaving the corporate world of advertising some 13 years ago, Brigitte has been operating a successful salon in Melbourne.

Culturally, Brigitte comes from a french background….where skincare is second nature, as habitual as brushing your teeth or washing your hair. It’s not considered a luxury but rather a necessity so it’s no surprise that she was an avid salon goer; weekly manicures, bi-weekly facials, monthly pedicures etc. etc.

In 1996, Brigitte made a career move decision to become a business coach to the beauty industry. Although coaching her clients in the advertising industry, she decided that industry experience was going to be a pre-requsite to her success. A common business success strategy is to always start with the ‘end in mind’ which is exactly what she did!

And she’s still doing it! Brigitte’s academic qualifications together with her ‘real’ salon experience has led to assisting many salon owner’s turn their salon’s into businesses, real businesses where high turnover, high productivity and high client and staff retention is a given. But most important…Brigitte coaches from an integral place. There are no filters between what she knows and what she shares.

Brigitte is not a therapist, nor does she want to be. She's a business woman and knows the value of working ON your business and not just IN it.

Cream Coaching


Brigitte Benge


0402 108 541


Hair and Beauty Business Coaching Melbourne

Private Coaching

What's included in private coaching?

    • One-on-one coaching, either face to face or by telephone
    • On site training to staff members
    • Work performed for you on your behalf which includes strategising, developing protocols specific to your salon, promotional planning, and any other work performed away from one-on-one sessions
    • Includes intellectual property used in our coaching sessions, for example if the coaching covers team member's productivity, it will include the Therapist Target Sheets, and the protocol to go with it
    • All Policies and Procedures Manual protocols used in coaching sessions

    Brief unlimited email and telephone communication is complimentary


    Workshops are scheduled monthly throughout the year. Most Workshopsare 3 hours in duration. Visit our website for upcoming workshops..

    • The Ten Committments to Creating an Exceptional Business
    • Front Desk Systems to Guarantee Your Salon Runs Like a Machine
    • The Right Employee Workshop
    • Very Rewarding Reward Program Workshop
    • Promotional Planning for 2009 Workshop
    • Developing a Fabulous Policies and Procedures Manual Workshop
    • Optimising Your Database Workshop
    • New Clients - Getting Them and Retaining Them Wokshop
    • Promotions that Work Workshop
    • Getting Ready for a Fabulous Christmas Trade Workshop

    Group Coaching
    Group Coaching is an affordable way of receiving the benefits of a coach but at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the topic, Group Coaching modules come in a set number of sessions with each session having a maximum of 7 attendees. There is a limit of one salon per suburb at any one coaching module.

    There are 5 great reasons to participate in Group Coaching:

    1. Incredibly affordable
    2. When working in a group, attendees share their individual or team best practices for mutual benefit
    3. Group coaching allows leveraging of the combined experience, knowledge, wisdom, and perspective from everyone in attendance so it’s not just the coach you’re listening to but also your peers. It’s eye opening and inspiring!
    4. Troubleshooting with your peers is so much more productive than doing it alone
    5. Fun and interactive

    What does Group Coaching include?

    • Comprehensive notes for each session
    • All of the forms and proformas used in each session
    • Audio recording of each session
    • Unlimited email or telephone support regarding the Group Coaching topic inbetween sessions and a week after the last session

    Hair and Beauty Business Coaching Melbourne

    If you would like to ask us anything about Cream Coaching and our services or even if you would like to simply ask for a little advice, we welcome the opportunity of be of assistance.  Please fill out the details in our website. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours, often sooner.

    Or you are welcome to call Brigitte Benge directly on 0402 108541

    Cream Coaching

    Hair and beauty Business Coaching Melbourne

    Ph: 0402 108 541

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